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    Monster Envy



    Monster Envy

    Mesaj  Vizitato la data de Joi Feb 07, 2008 3:01 pm

    Alias:Monster Envy
    · · ·: William
    Gender:Male(originally, when human, but can shape shift now)
    Age:Appears to be in his teens
    Status:Deadly Sin, Shapeshifter
    Quote:"The one who is fooled is the idiot."
    Voice:Yamaguchi Mayumi

    informatii despre el
    Envy is one of the oldest Homunculus created. He was created by Hohemheim and abandoned shortly after. For this he despises him and wishes to kill him and Ed and Al. Envy was Hohemheim and Dante's son who had died of mercury poisoning.

    Envy tends to be the hard-ass of all the Homunculi. More so than Wrath even. Envy gets angered especially when the name Elric is mentioned. Envy plays the executioner a lot throughout the series. He is able to do this due to his Homunculus ability to shape-shift.

    As stated, Envy was the child of Hohemheim and Dante, and when Envy died of Mercury poisioning, they attempted to bring Envy back, but Hohemheim abandoned his attempts and left. That is why Envy loaths the Elric name.

    Envy's true form is actually not the one most commonly seen. In one of the last episodes, he shows Ed his true face, and reveals that he is Ed and Al's half-brother. He looks surprisingly like Hohemheim. He probably no longer uses this form because of that. Apparently, his name when he was a human was William and he died of mercury poisoning. In his true form, his eyes are gold and his hair is blonde.
    Envy is one of the bad guys of the series. He is a homunculus, one of the seven deadly sins, and the first one to ever be created. Like his name suggests, he is envious. Envious of everyone, envious of every human being, but most of all he is jealous of Ed and Al, because they have everything he doesn't have and everything he will never have.

    Envy Envy is really strong, fast and careless. He possesses more dexterity and speed than other homunculi, and is the strongest of them all. This homunculus has the coolest special power, which is the ability to assume the form of any person and copy their voice, which is a really good skill.

    He knows Dante's plan and he doesn't care if she only wants the Philosopher's Stone for her own benefits. He knows she is not going to help the homunculi get a soul and become human, and he is okay with that.

    Envy enjoys being a bad boy. He likes to make everyone miserable and doesn't care who is in his way. If you try to stop him, he will kill you. He knows what he wants and does whatever it takes to get it.

    He was created by Hohenheim of Light, Ed and Al's father, and Dante. He died when he was 18 years old, and after that, his father tried to revive him using a human transmutation, but it failed. Every time an alchemist failed using this forbidden technique, a homunculus was born. In this case, Hohenheim of Light created Envy and then abandoned him after that. He hates to be so much alike to him, so he prefers to take other people's forms.
    pun o poza cu el

      Acum este: Mier Oct 17, 2018 9:28 am