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    Kuwabara Kazuma



    Kuwabara Kazuma

    Mesaj  Vizitato la data de Joi Feb 07, 2008 12:09 pm

    Kazuma Kuwahara
    Age:14 years old
    Eyes:Brown(sometimes blue)
    Height:About 191 cm
    Status:Part of Yusuke's crew
    Quote:"Don't go dying on me Urameshi!"
    Voice:Shigeru Chiba


    Informatii despre el

    Mesaj  Vizitato la data de Joi Feb 07, 2008 12:10 pm

    Kazuma Kuwabara is the toughest Guy at Sariaski Jr. High, that is, besides Yusuke Urameshi. Kuwabara lives to fight, and his one goal is to beat Yusuke. When Yusuke dies, Kuwabara is in pieces because he had never beaten Yusuke in a street fight.

    After Yusuke's death he needs to somehow tell his loved ones NOT to cremate him because he is coming back. The only way is possession, and the rules for the possession are:

    1. the person being possessed must have a strong 6th sense
    2. the possessor must know the person being possessed
    3. the possessor has only 1 hour before the body ejects the possession (in the manga, it was 30 minutes)

    Luckily, Kuwabara meets the requirements and Yusuke possessed him to tell Keiko not to cremate him.

    Soon Yusuke's resurrection was at hand, all he needed was a kiss from one of the three people who wanted him back the most. Those people are Keiko, his Mom, and Kuwabara. At night, he has to deliver the message in each person's dream, resulting in one of Kuwabara's worst nightmares ever! Despite Yusuke's pleas, Kuwabara can't her him, so as a last ditch effort Botan gets Keiko to do it.

    Soon Kuwabara has problems with his 6th sense bothering him, so he goes to an old Reiki (spirit energy) master named Genkai. When he gets there, though, he finds that a martial arts Tournament is being held to gain Genkai's super ability, the Spirit Wave. To prevent a demon from getting the technique, Yusuke has entered, so naturally Kuwabara does too. The tournament is fierce, but both make it to the finals, but Kuwabara loses and is put to near death! In a rage, Yusuke attacks Randou to avenge Kuwabara, but is nearly killed. When Yusuke is almost defeated, he is given enough power to beat Randou by Kuwabara (although Kuwabara is still unconscious at the time) and Yusuke wins!

    Soon another threat befalls mankind when the four Beasts of Maze Castle attacks the world with the Makkai Insects. Kuwabara takes on Byakko, the 2nd of the beasts, and with some difficulty he manages to win.

    During their next assignment, Kuwabara falls for the Ice Maiden Yukina, Hiei's sister, while saving her from an evil mob boss. Shortly after they are off to the Dark Tournament.

    The Dark Tournament is fierce, but the final round finally comes. To make Yusuke fight well Kuwabara and Toguro (Yusuke's opponent) staged a fake murder to get Yusuke to fight serious.

    After the tournament, Sensui attacks and Kuwabara is the only one who can open the gate to the Youai world. He is kidnapped but rescued by Yusuke and the rest of the team.

    After the Black Saga Chapter, Kuwabara ceases to fight, but he trains his mind in order to get into a University and become someone.


    Poze cu el

    Mesaj  Vizitato la data de Joi Feb 07, 2008 12:13 pm


    Mesaje : 189
    Data de înscriere : 04/02/2008
    Localizare : V's place,Shadow Gallery

    Joc de roluri
    Manga World: 10
    Anime World: 1

    Re: Kuwabara Kazuma

    Mesaj  Kaliope la data de Joi Feb 07, 2008 12:24 pm

    Bun,acestea sun niste informatii despre personaj,acum va rog sa va spuneti parerea despre el fara a pune poze Rolling Eyes
    Parerea mea este ca Kuwabara este un caracter destul de bine gandit,care realizeaza majoritatea actiunilor amuzante(respectiv,penibile)din gasca Urameshi.Tocmai pt ca este "sarea si piperul" seriei,modul in care a fost desenat a tinut sa evientieze asta,de aceea tindem sa credem ca este urat sau nush cum doriti sa il catalogati,ins asta il face sa isi intre il piele si sa ii evidentieze prin fizic personalitatea.
    Insa eu cred ca sustin ca in ciuda tuturor insultelor aduse de Hiei lui Kuwabara,care sunt pure inventii a unei minti reticente,el nu este asa cum pare,mereu l-a sprijinit pe Yusuke si i-a fost tot timpul prieten de catarama :d,de aceea sustin ca a fost judecat gresit,pt ca el are un suflet mare chiar daca nu face reputatie prin grafica cu care au fost desenati ceilalti membri care au facut mereu furouri

    Cu alte cuvinte eu sunt fan a lui Kuwabara,si nu imi place de el ca un personaj ci ca si caracter,pt ca daca e sa ne gandim mai bine,el e cel mai putin prefacut dintre toti

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    Re: Kuwabara Kazuma

    Mesaj  Continut sponsorizat

      Acum este: Mar Aug 21, 2018 7:15 pm