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    Informatii despre acest anime



    Informatii despre acest anime

    Mesaj  Vizitato la data de Sam Feb 16, 2008 10:23 pm

    As mankind stumbled through the 21st century, it began
    to reach out for greener pastures. After a number of early disasters,
    Astral Gate technology was perfected. Finally able to realistically
    approach the speed of light, the asteroid belt and beyond came within
    reach, and a new era of frontier expansion began.

    But just like in the Old West of the past, among the first to head
    out are the dregs of society: crooks, drug pushers, hackers, and so on.
    At the same time, however, there was also another type of person: one
    who roamed the ranges looking for whatever was there to take. Taking
    another page from the Old West, they called themselves Cowboys. The
    year is now 2071, and the Cowboys are out on the range.

    Cowboy Bebop is the story of the Cowboy starship Bebop
    as it be-bops its way through the solar system, hunting heads and
    making do in the wild reaches of space where anything can happen.
    Inspired by the free-wheeling style of Minston's Play House, a 1940's Harlem nightclub where Jazz players dueled each other with no regard for the rules of the times, Cowboy Bebop
    literally swings its way from mood to mood and adventure to adventure.
    It is a wild ride where jokes fly as well as lead, pretty faces can be
    hidden behind an ugly mug, and help and harm can come where you least
    expect it.Cowboy Bebop is an animated film noir, first and last.
    It is the dark, rim, cynical, blackly humorous, morally ambiguous tale
    of four people struggling against uncaring meaningless random fate, in
    a situation they did not create; it's also the story of one man who is
    doomed to die because of his past. It's easy to imagine these
    characters dropped into "The Maltese Falcon" except for wardrobe--and
    the more I think about it, the more perfectly they fit. Even the
    overall look of the series has lots of darkness, lots of contrast, like
    those old films did.

    Likewise, Cowboy Bebop is also one long love letter to John Woo. The
    harsh lighting, the frantic pace of the martial arts sequences and gun
    battles, the action scenes that would have been insanely dangerous to
    do with flesh-and-blood stuntmen, the body count, the pacing, the
    timing. For example, the gun battle in the cathedral from Episode 5,
    "Ballad of Fallen Angels," is obviously borrowed respectfully from John
    Woo's 1989 film "The Killer." And then there's the repeated bird

    Lastly, I think I see more than a little of "Lupin III" in Cowboy Bebop, in the cynical humor and, especially, the character design. Femme fatale Faye Valentine is femme fatale Mine Fujiko (albeit with purple hair and wardrobe apparently borrowed from the Dirty Pair) to wisecracking daredevil Spike Spiegel's wisecracking daredevil Lupin. Jet Black bears more than a passing resemblance to Jigen
    as well, though he's older, beefier, and not as snappy a dresser (note
    how strong the resemblance is, though, when Jet Black puts on the
    fedora in Episode 23, "Brain Scratch"). I could attempt to stretch a
    point by claiming that Vicious
    was based on Goemon, but there's not really much those two characters
    have in common other than an idiosyncratic fondness for edged weapons.

    There are other influences too--spaghetti westerns (though maybe
    it's more a case of film noir influencing both spaghetti westerns and
    this series), Bruce Lee movies, blaxploitation. Episode 11, "Toys in
    the Attic," is clearly a gentle parody of Ridley Scott's "Alien." And
    so on.

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